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Hassle-free City Water Filtration

Safeguard your city water with Gold Star Water’s effective filtration systems for pure, safe, and great-tasting water throughout your home.

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Combat Contaminants in Your City Water with Gold Star's Solutions

Gold Star Water has you covered

Although you may not realize it, your city water could be hiding a wide range of nasty contaminants, like chlorine, lead, and other bacteria, that can be harming you and your loved ones. Therefore, it’s imperative you have an extra line of defense to protect your municipal water supply from these unwanted impurities. Luckily, Gold Star Water is the go-to source for water filtration systems that are designed to prevent contaminants from inhibiting your city water supply. Be sure to give our team a call to schedule your service!

Enhance Your City Water with Gold Star's Top-Tier Filtration Units

Gold Star Water can help

At Gold Star Water, we’re proud to provide two effective water filtration units that are perfect for city water. Our mixed bed units stand out as a comprehensive water treatment solution, utilizing a combination of cation and anion exchange resins in a single tank. These high-quality systems are from industry-leading brands and are known for their durability and reliability in removing a wide spectrum of impurities, including hardness minerals, dissolved salts, and an array of other contaminants. By exchanging undesirable ions for hydrogen and hydroxide ions, these mixed bed units ensure highly purified water suitable for you and your family.

Our two tank systems feature carbon filtration and water softener in tandem, which offers a tailored approach to your city water’s filtration needs. The carbon filter, which is typically the first line of defense, targets a full slate of contaminants, like chlorine and fluoride. Once these contaminants are filtered out of your water supply, you’ll likely notice that your water tastes and smells better. Plus, this also prevents potential health risks associated with these nasty substances. Water softeners are designed to prevent the negative effects of hard water, making your supply healthier and cleaner in the long run.

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Have a question about our systems? reach out today

Ready to purify your city water? We’re ready to help. Be sure to give our team a call today to learn more about our unique and convenient systems, and to learn how they’ll best help you and your home. Give us a call today to get started! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Secure Your Family's Health with our Comprehensive City Water Purification

Gold Star Water has you covered

City water is often influenced by the surrounding areas, including industrial discharges, agricultural runoff, or aging municipal infrastructure, which can have adverse effects on your water supply. So, it’s necessary to purify your water for the overall health and safety of your family. Our water purification systems provide the utmost convenience of centralized treatment, providing purified water at every tap in your residence. 

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