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We have Over 20 years of experience treating wells and city water. 

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Gold Star water: more than just a name

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I chose the name Gold Star Water because on August 16, 2007 I became a Gold Star family member. My brother was enlisted in the United States Navy and was a flight medic. He along with three other Marines lost their lives in a helicopter crash during a training mission. I named my company with thoughts of my brother and the person he was. He taught me to be honest and treat everyone with respect. And to always do the best job possible. Take your time and do things right the first time. I was born and raised in South Florida and am second generation in the water purification field. Water is life. Treat it right!
In 1979, my father moved from Detroit to Port St. Lucie. He opened a water company that he has since sold, but is still open today. Ever since I can remember I went to work with my dad on Saturdays and any other opportunity I had. After high school I spent years working for his company doing installs and service. When I first started everyone was on a well and absolutely needed water treatment services. What people did not fully understand as city water pushed its way into our lives is that it is bleached and there are systems strictly for removing the chemicals added. Also city water is hard water and functions better if treated with a softener and carbon filter. Hot water heaters last longer, the amount of soap used will go down, and so much more.

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